The Spiritual Life

In lookUP, we define Spirituality as the willingness to fully participate in, take responsibility for, and fall in love with your own life.

A spiritual life is not defined by your rituals, beliefs, or upbringing, but by the desire to see every aspect of yourself as connected to and emanating from Spirit; a source of energy that is inherently loving, kind, and intrinsic to all of life.

We will interchange the words Spirit, Source, Life and All That Is in an earnest attempt to put words to the wordless, and to offer the permission and freedom to explore your own way.

Each life involves an essential task: not simply to survive, but to fulfill a mission ingrained in the soul.

Do not be a bystander in your precious life. Actively participate in the adventure of your soul.

Choosing this program is to make a choice to live with the intention to become more fully aware and interconnected to everything that is alive.

A spiritual practitioner is someone who:

~ Observes their own mind and witnesses their own actions.

~ Suspends judgment for awareness.

~ Takes responsibility for thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

~ Aligns thoughts, actions, and beliefs with an internal Source of Energy as a daily practice.

~ Devotes themselves to the truth through: discernment, logic, inquiry and silence.

When we forget who we are, we choose convenience over connection. We trade short-term comfort for long-term dysfunction. When we go through this life with rigid beliefs and a closed mind, we lose wonderment for the Mystery and the desire to fully engage with life. We begin to feel small in the painful way and too big in the destructive way. 

lookUP is a response to the spiritual crisis that occurs when we forget our implicit connection to the interconnectedness of everything, your most free self, All that Is.

Don’t worry. It is right here, alive, and patiently waiting for you in each new moment. Come home.

The rubble of this broken world can be mended when we remember; We are In This Together. 

Every thought, action, and word carries with it the power to heal or to shatter, to unite or to divide. Remember that the goodness that lives inside of you – inside of everything, is a guiding principle to keep your mind clear and your heart soft. This is an act of rebellion, of spiritual activism, and of the healing that is so desperately needed at this time. 

~Be patient. Healing takes time. This is not a short-term fix. This is a lifetime practice of devotion and perspective.

~Stay courageous. In times of darkness, go to your heart, come back to center, and act from there.

~Build faith. This cannot be given to you, rather it must be hard-won. Your doubts and fears will help you. Every time they appear, recognize how they too are connected to Source so that you take away their power and feed them with love.

~Trust, even in times of total darkness, that there is an inextinguishable light inside of you.

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