Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes God calms the sailor. ~ Unknown

If your God only exists in beautiful spaces and refined places; who walks with you in times of desperation, confusion, and need? 

If the Goodness is only around when you are your best, most loving and peaceful self; who do you pray to when you are lost and alone? 

If All That Is demands your perfection; where do you hide when you’re addicted, in pain, and mistaken? 

When things are difficult, it’s reasonable to assume Spirit has abandoned you, leaving you to your own devices. With all of the tragedies and crises we currently face it is easy to make a rational argument disproving Spirit exists at all. 

We urge you at this time, however, to go inwards and reclaim your own authentic relationship to Source Energy. For in dark times, it is deeply helpful to keep a faith in some energy that has your back, sees farther, and helps you carry a heavy load. 

In the most difficult times, God doesn’t show up, you do.

All That Is is inclusive of everything, it excludes nothing. In the Yogic tradition, it is said to be the evolutionary energy that creates, maintains and destroys this world in perfect balance. During the most difficult and destructive times, Spirit is always there. 

The darkness does not negate the light, it creates it; similar to how the body binds and stores the most amount of energy in places of tension and constriction. Mental, emotional, and physical tension binds life-force.

Your wounds, trauma, unresolved emotions, and blindspots; things you may actively try to hide and avoid – all are dwelling places for an extraordinary amount of energy that can be used to grow.

What you aren’t dealing with will subconsciously control you until you explore the freedom that lives on the other side of it. The only way through is through, and everything must be welcomed in order to heal.

Contrast is a tricky teaching. We are hardwired to move towards that which creates pleasure and to avoid that which creates pain. Our darkness shows us where we still have work to do. Seen in this way, it is a guidepost and our greatest teacher. 

Accept what occurs in your life. It is helping you to refine what you truly want. 

When times are good, you are shown a vision of your dream. When things are hard, it shows you your work.

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