A program to reclaim your relationship to self, and renew your faith in the Mystery.

Throughout these courses you will:

Develop Self Trust & Self Worth

Create Space for More Love

Steady & Quiet Your Mind

Cultivate a Spiritual Practice

Build a Rich Inner Life

The space between who you have been

and who you are here to become, is gold.

Our 40 Day Approach:

In spiritual and mystical traditions, 40 days has repeatedly been acknowledged as the amount of time it takes, with intention, to ascend to higher levels of awareness. 

With most of the world in quarantine, we are reminded that the word quarantine itself originates from the Venetian words quaranta giorni, meaning “40 days.” 

As we are faced with a host of questions and uncertainty we are also being shown infinite possibility.

Each 40-day module in Upwards is a doorway for you to build an internal structure of support, and learn to both step up—and surrender—in equal measure.

How Upwards Works:

All of the modules are designed to work together in no particular order. Determine what you need the most by reading through the course overviews and following your intuition.

Each Module Includes:

Daily Audio Coaching & Counsel
Audio Meditations
Guided Writing Prompts
Podcasts, Talks, & Theory by World-Renowned Teachers
• Guided Lessons & Mindfulness Techniques
Unlimited Access to Curated Reference Library
Lifetime Access to Course Materials

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As Einstein famously said, “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”

About the Founders

Upwards is a creative collaboration between yoga and meditation teacher Ally Bogard and community builder and leader Jordan Daly.

About Ally:

Ally Bogard has cultivated a unique approach to spiritual counsel and practice through 15 years teaching yoga, meditation, retreats, and immersions all over the world. She is the co-founder of Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training and Sound Mind Meditation and a devoted teacher; she currently offers individual mentorship, coaching, and counsel in addition to hosting meditations, classes, and special events across her current home of New York City. 

About Jordan:

With nearly two decades of experience building organizations, movements, and community, Jordan Daly has found that individual healing is a linchpin of economic, environmental, and social transformation. Her non-linear path includes ecosystem design, launching a social venture fund, public/private partnerships, and organizational architecture. Today, her work focuses on translating global-scale initiatives to practical application.

"It’s really good. It took me a minute because the program started on very busy days. Much like the old zen saying, the busier you are the longer you should meditate. Now I print every page and read a dozen times a day." —Nadia N.

"Attention. I am paying attention to upwards. I am so grateful and so clear. I love it. Thank you." —Paul H.


It takes an open mind and a lot of courage to go down a path of self-discovery. Upwards is not here to teach you how to avoid the dark times in life, but rather, as a hand held out to walk you back into the light.

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