Show up for yourself and live the life you have imagined

Begin your process of self discovery, healing, and transformation through 40 days of practical tools and structure.

This course will teach you to:

• Mentor yourself

Build self trust & self worth

Create healthy boundaries

Understand your programming

• Develop a plan for achieving your dreams

Practices you will master upon completion of this course:

1. Love Yourself

Learn to trust and respect yourself, tame self-destructive behaviors, and clean up your inner dialogue.

2. Protect Your Boundaries

Set clear guardrails and “non-negotiable” rules you will no longer break.

3. Nurture Your Relationships

Build healthy relationships with others, including family and friends, past lovers, and people you may have hurt or who have hurt you.

4. Let Go

Release harmful personal narratives and learn to tell a more truthful story about yourself. Honor your past while understanding that it will not define who you will become. Practice forgiveness.

5. Guard Your Energy

Redirect worry and catastrophic thinking toward gratitude, prayer, imagination, creativity, self-reflection, and silence.

6. Shape Your Future

Stop negative patterns and let go of past conditioning that is standing in the way of your vision for your life.

Included in the Course:

40 audio counsel sessions
10 audio meditations
Downloadable worksheets
Guided writing prompts
• Teachings for contemplation, reflection, and deeper study
Unlimited access to, More Gold, our highly curated reference library
Lifetime access to course materials

Upwards is a collaboration between renowned yoga and meditation teacher Ally Bogard and community builder and leader Jordan Daly. This course draws from nearly three decades of combined experience with meditation, self-study, and spiritual counsel.

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"A quick note to say thank you so much for all aspects of you that you have put into creating upwards. I am already finding great ease in answering, devoting and creating life. Starting with growUP and my tired ego resisted a little, ultimately I am sure it was the right one to start with." —Nina S.
"I just finished growUp, and it is magical, thank you!" —Andreea D.
"I’m on day 8 of growUP… the forgiveness practice was emotional and I’m really appreciating my new awareness about boundaries. I feel like it’s 'working' if you know what I mean. I’ve been putting reminders in my phone about the questions and different reminders." —Dayna G.