The Invitation


Here is the opening: let go of what you had hoped would have happened and trust that what is happening has the possibility to open you to a deeper experience of life, love, and humanity.

When you become convinced that what is happening, shouldn’t be, you will experience more emotional and mental anguish than necessary.

  • Heartbreak is discovering that we built tender and beautiful pieces of our identity on a bed of earth that was once thought to be solid. Only to discover that it was in fact not earth, but a moment of stillness on the sometimes tumultuous sea of life.

  • Heartbreak is the loss of false meaning that was so dear, a story that seemed better than the underlying truth beneath the surface.

  • Heartbreak has a subtle lack of trust in the nature of things, an unconscious gripping to a previous moment so glorious that one can’t stand the thought of it ending. It’s not that the original moment was fantasy–its unassailable reality is what has us grip to it in the first place.


A break-up is also a break-up with your story.

We write and attach to the stories designed to comfort the part of our mind that isn’t sure love works out for us. Those are the false stories we weave and sew into our hearts.This is a breakup of expectations and of a story told of how life is supposed to go.

This initiation into your own healed heart and a healthy mindset will be made a lot more enjoyable when you begin with trusting that what is happening is exactly as it is meant to be. Simply because it is. Even though you may not be able to see why or how it could ever be for your highest good, attempt to neither resist it nor call it a mistake.


As many times as you find yourself pushing against what is happening by saying, ‘this is wrong,’ ‘life is wrong,’ and, ‘I know what would be better,’ take rest in an I-don’t-know-mind. Replace each of those thoughts with, ‘I trust nature and the current of my life’.


Reflect and write about any time you wished so badly for something to happen but life took a better direction.

Have you ever experienced a time when life brought you something more appropriate than what you at one time had prayed for?

If you can’t trust this moment, use experiences from your past to help you out.


If you need something more to soothe your mind, listen to this Mark Nepo interview – 7,000 Ways to Listen

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