The Art of Listening

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. ~ Stephen Covey


To listen requires you to let go of your own agenda.

More often than not, we come into a conversation focusing only on preparing our response. If you’re waiting for your turn to talk, you’re not listening.

If you come into a conversation with an agenda of how it needs to go, you are not able to be present.

Increase your capacity to fully listen to what is occurring, rather than what you wish were occurring. Not only will an incredible amount of space open up inside of you but you will immediately slip into present moment awareness.

Meditation is synonymous with listening. It takes a dedicated practice to be able to hear one’s inner wisdom beneath the mental chatter. Listen to others, self, and life with the aim of growth and understanding and watch with curiosity how your life becomes incredibly informative.

To be present, receptive and in a state of feeling is to listen. Today, pause your immediate reactions and opinions. Listen to the rhythm and flow of the day. Listen to what people are asking of you. Listen for the subtle directions your inner voice is offering to help you align with your highest path. Surrender control, little by little, and be receptive.



Become present and in your body by following your breath. If you feel anxious or frenetic energy – drop a grounding cord, or an anchor, from your hips and legs into the Earth.


Notice when your mind is elsewhere and when you have left the conversation. Observe when you are caught in your own agenda, defense mechanisms or reactions.


This practice is to prepare you for deeper states of presence, self-awareness, and surrender. The qualities of a mind necessary for focused attention and meditation.


All of life is speaking to you in each and every moment; the invitation is to humble yourself enough to listen.

Listen with effortless presence and an open mind to help you see:

There are no decisions you need to make about your future, you know exactly what to do right now for the optimal health of your body, and you are always in the right place at the right time


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